Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Onwards....and Upwards

So this is Humanity’s Moment. And the People of the United States of America, together with the Citizens of the World made their Choice.

As a Victory for the people of the United States, and as a Victory for the citizens of the World, it is the starting point - an opening - to chart the course for a different type of world.

The economy, education for our children, safety, food security, basic human rights that include access to primary health care for all, our planet’s climate – these are challenges that the global community faces as a collective.

So what does it mean?

Does it mean that we look yet again to a leader, to solve our problems, or do we finally accept the power that is inherent within each of us to influence and create our own destinies?

Now that we have shattered the boundary of Race, will we continue to use the colour of our skins to assume superiority over each other? Or are we finally prepared to leave melanin out of the equation once and for all, and perhaps recognize it from now on for what it is – a beautifully demonstrative characteristic of the diversity that is the Human Race.

Now that we know that Women Can too, will we continue to utilize domination and oppression to mask our insecurities, or will we finally recognize and celebrate the exquisite and unique characteristics that are inherent to each gender?

Will we continue to use separation and differences to out rank each other economically, socially and politically, or do we recognize that we are magnificently part of a Collective that thrives best when its myriad components come together, each a unique thread that is essential to the overall integrity of the tapestry that we call Humanity?

Will we finally accept that this planet that we call Home, is a living, organic and magnificent wonder of Creation, unconditionally supportive of all that thrives on it, and in it, or will we continue to assume that it is only our species that is somehow more important that the millions of species that have an equal right to be here?

Will we accept and embrace our role as custodians of our planet, or continue to abuse and exploit it for personal gain or convenience?

Will we agree to come together to better understand those that disagree with us, and to put aside our differences to meet on a platform of compromise and tolerance? And in doing so, to recognize and embrace our diversity as intrinsically essential to creating a planetary destiny that is infinitely colourful, infinitely creative, exquisitely textured and fully reflective of the magnificence that is Life itself?

And finally, will we come together to decide, once and for all, what we hold dear to us, what we hold as our Truth in terms of our Core Values – built on a platform that is accessible to all that inhabit the world that we live in, learning from the mistakes of our past, and looking forward to construct the future of our Dreams?

The Moment is Now, and the Work has only just begun.